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Spiegelau Glassware

“The Class of Glass”

Spiegelau glassware offers elegant, quality glassware for any occasion.  With attention to innovative technology, and a respect for traditional Bavarian craftsmanship, Spiegelau seeks to make durable, beautiful, and reliable glassware. Whether you’re drinking wine, cocktails, or beer, Spiegelau has a glass for you.  Kitchen Collage carries Spiegelau’s Vino Vino, Vino Grande, Wine Lovers, and Classic Bar collections, as well as assorted bar and beer glasses.

Spiegelau glasses are made of crystal glass that allows for clarity, brilliance, and durability.

Spiegelau also features beer-specific glasses for Wheat Beer, Lager, Pilsner, Stout/Porter, and a signature IPA glass developed with brewers from Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head.

Made in Germany.